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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  July 29, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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york stock exchange an air of crisis that the congress of the united states would do well to be attentive to. >> there you go. have a good one. >> have a great weekend, everybody. willie, if it's way too early what time it is? >> it's "morning joe." stick around right now for "the daily rundown" with chuck. well, it's like kenny rogers says. you've got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them. speaker boehner's time at table is quickly running out. will he walk away or will he jun the world and the markets are watching. just four days left until the debt limit deadline. plus -- >> any bottlehead can stand up here, you know, and say the right words. as a republican candidate. >> well, we've been distracted here in washington things are getting hot out on the campaign trail. and tim pawlenty is not the only one starting to aim fire internally. good morning from washington. it's friday. july 29th, 2011.
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i'm chuck todd. what a 24 hours. right to my first read of the morning. it's as fluid as it can get. many house republicans were ready and willing last night but weren't able to bring speaker boehner's bill to the floor for a vote. rules committee chairman david dryor sized up the situation late last night. >> as we all know, we were expecting a vote this evening, and the votes obviously were not there. we don't have the votes for a number of reasons. >> because why? >> for a number of reasons. >> i take it -- >> the short answer to your question is, no, i can't tell you exactly why. i think because there are different reasons for dive peop different people. >> right now, hope springs eternal in the republican leadership and they're working on two optionsone is a little tweak could cut more federal student loan money. the other option, though is more like major surgery. somehow tying it back to the
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balanced budget amendment again and making it say that the balanced budget amendment has to be passed in the house and senate, sent to the states to be ratified before the next deadline to raise the debt limit. that's not a poison pill. that's a nuclear bomb pill when it comes to the senate. look, boehner has about three or four hours to get this done at this point before senate republicans break. not necessarily mitch mcconnell, but this is a lot of republican on his side of the aisle simply frustrated and are like, cut this deal. the reid bill isn't that much different. compromise on the second round on the trigger and get it done and over with. meanwhile, on other side, sitting in the senate waiting and watching. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell is, though, going to give speaker boehner more time. and what better way for senators to bide their time than cable tv. look what they did? they were sitting around so went over and made the rounds with
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all the different networks and one way or another they're going to act at some point, but bulls, here was john mccain last night. >> this is really, his leadership of the republicans in the house and the speaker is clearly he's at stake if he can't bring his people along. >> of course, mccain has been very, very critical of some of these tea party members. he said in a "wall street journal" editorial trash what's they called tea party hobbits. kentucky senator rand paul didn't take that criticism very kindly. >> i'd rather be a hobbit than a troll, and the hobbits were the good guys. they were the heroes in it's battle for middle earth between good and evil, and there's a certain amount of good and evil up here. >> well, clearly rand paul has read all of those books carefully. gave you the full-fledged plot line. look, a lot of people are trying to figure is speaker boehner in tribble? boehner, cantor and mccarthy were linked in this.
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not necessarily about john boehner not able to corral these folks. the question is could any republican speaker have corralled these votes at this time? here's the issue they had. they can't buy them off. they don't want earmarks or don't care about committee assignments and many newcomers didn't get, raising a lot of money anyway, so promised fund-raising owl that doesn't work. it may be refreshing on one hand, but it makes it that much harder to try to arm twist and get this vote count to happen. we'll see. and the beltway bashing, though, seems to be pushing the 2012 candidates to kick it up a notch. jon huntsman hitting mitt romney for not speaking out on anything that's going on in washington this week, and, of course, tim pawlenty on a daily rant against michele bachmann. bottom line on that one is that we're two weeks and going to chronicle all this pap huge test
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for a couple of candidates. namely, tim pawlenty and michele bachmann. with the clock ticking lawmakers are exhausting. the public is fed up. check out the headlines this morning. "usa today," drama muddles debt fate. "the washington post," a cliffhanger in the house. the saint pete times, still twisting arms, and our favorite cover, the new york daily news. reid, boehner squabble as economy quakes. grow up! the gang of six, chairman ever the committee senator conrad. nice to see you. it's my understanding that while the house has been trying to figure this out, trying to send you guys a bill, i know there's been a lot of chatter behind the scenes trying to negotiate what the senate bill will look like, whether it's harry reid's bill, or if it's an amended version of speaker boehner's bill, and it's a "gang of six" provision that i'm told is being considered as
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the second trigger. explain it to me in lay person speech. if you can. >> that's always difficult, chuck. look, here's the circumstance we face. we have two distinct plans with similarities. senator reid, leader reid's plan and, of course, speaker boehner. they have a lot in common, and that they have a down payment and they create a special congressional committee to complete the work. the problem on the reid side of the issue is he has just one vote to extend the debt limit and so that raises the question, how can you be assured of getting the additional savings? speaker boehner's approach has two steps. again, the question is, if the special committee does not perform, how do you shore the debt limit, that it's extended? those are the challenges that we have. so we've worked all day yesterday trying to find a
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fail-safe mechanism in case the special committee of congress would fail to provide the additional savings. >> right. >> and we came up with some very good ideas for doing that, and one involves the group of six plan if congress fails to come up with the additional savings. >> i know in this "gang of six," three democrats, three republicans, but i have not heard assurances the three republicans are onboard of essentially changing the trig jer t ger here? taking this from this joint committee. do you have chambliss, and senate coburn onboard? >> i can't speak for them. i've learned around here, you don't speak for other senators. they speak for themselves. we have been meeting regularly. there's a desire on all of our
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parts that the "gang of six" work be part of the package. frankly i think whatever happens it will be. think about it. only two bipartisan packages that have ever been presented. one was the commission fiscal commission and the "gang of six" and the two are very close. that tells me any further negotiation is likely to wind up in the same spot. >> all right. explain to me the clock at this point. i was told that if speaker boehner's bill does make it out of the house, that it may be better for the deadline to use that as the shell, even if democrats want to amend this thing and do all think, but to use speaker boehner's bill as the shell, because it speeds up this process of getting the bill out of the senate, back to the house and on the president's desk? >> there are two possibilities, clearly. one is to take the boehner bill, modify it, send it back. the other is to have leader reid's package move forward.
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modify it somewhat to be able to pass it in the senate, and unfortunately, we're not having the negotiations between republicans and democrats in the senate right now, because the republicans don't want to confuse the issue when speaker boehner's package is being considered. so they've shut off discussions, negotiations, until they see what happens to speaker boehner's package. >> well, at this point, though, could you at any circumstance if speaker boehner's package finally gets over and the senate is, you know, is sort of shut down. right? you can't get the 60 votes. you can't get it done. and it's midnight on monday, and you've got this deadline of midnight on tuesday staring you in the face, could you foresee a time when you end up just voting for the boehner bill just to get this -- >> no, that's not going to happen, because the boehner bill
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as it is is deeply imperfect, significantly less savings than does leader reid's package, but beyond that, would lead to the same uncertainty being repeated in just a few months. that's the last thing we need in the markets. that's the last thing we need to do in terms of confidence in america's fiscal position. >> hey, the president's been quite quiet these last couple of days. do you -- what do you want from the white house today? what would you like to see, find out what the president and the vice president were doing in regards to this? >> well, i've been in contact with the white house the last 24 hours several times. i think the important thing is for them to be doing what they are doing. which is to be looking at all of the options it deal with these separate challenges, whether they're leader reid's proposal that's followed or speaker boehner's structure is followed. the weaknesses of those two have to be addressed, and it's very
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important that we get a conclusion in the next few hours with respect to what is the backup? what is the default plan to cure the challenge of the boehner proposal, which doesn't assure the debt limit gets extended, and the second round. and leader reid's proposal that we get an assurance that the savings are actually realized. those are the two things we really need to solve in the next 24 hours. >> senator kent conrad, one of the group of six. we're no longer using gang? are we supposed to drop the gang? >> i'm from north dakota. not much into gangs out there. >> fair enough. >> i prefer group of six. >> all right. we'll keep it at the "group of six" with you. you're be in the middle of this, senator. thanks for coming on this morning. >> you bet. well, is a downgrade of the u.s. credit rating unavoidable at this point? that's what senator bob corker
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says. teal auk to him about that and see what he thinks the end game is. that's next. plus, chris christie moments after being released from the hospital from emergency asthma treatment brings you up once again how he's not running for president. wait until you hear it. first a look ahead at the president's schedule. help announces new cafe standards today. some big change in the miles per gallon for u.s. automakers. a hyche change. of course, the focus is on the debt talks. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. ooo whatcha got there? uh oh, sesame stir fry from lucky dynasty. oh, me too! but mine's lean cuisine, so no preservatives. [ female announcer ] lean cuisine has 90 dishes with no preservatives and quality ingredients like farm-picked broccoli and tender white meat chicken. lean cuisine. energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy developement comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to
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update developing now. president obama will deliver a statement on the status of debt ceiling negotiations at 10:20
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this morning from the white house. no word yet if it's more of a plea to compromise or if there is something afoot. as we know more, as we learn more, we will bring it to you. obviously we'll bring that live. meanwhile, senator harry reid spoke just before 11:00 eastern last night. the senate right now is in a holding pattern waiting for speaker boehner's next move. here what he said -- >> we've been waiting for the house to conduct their business and they're having trouble conducting it. as a result of their not sending us the material needed we have to wait until tomorrow to do our work. >> with me right now, tennessee republican senator bob corker, a member of the banking committee and somebody who is seen as always looking to work both sides, work across the aisle. senator, nice to see you. let me ask you straight up. how much patience do you have to wait for the house at this
9:17 am
point? >> well, chuck, something's going to happen, and, you know, we're at least take ak the right things now. if you think about it, three weeks ago, both sides were looking at ways to pass a debt ceiling, casting blame, not really doing anything. now we're talking about spending reductions and i think we're on the right subject. it's painful for the american people to watch, but i am extremely optimistic that we're going to get something done, and, you know, i'm trying to push it towards the $4 trillion range, because that's the number that's sort of made it into the mantra of what we need to do to overt a downgrade. since we spent so much time on this topic and the american people have gone for all of this acrimony, i'd love for us not to raise the debt ceiling but also do things over the long term will make our economy and our country much stronger. >> in fact, as you're waging this, i know wuv been a political observer long before you got into the u.s. senate. you see speaker boehner struggle to get his conference on this
9:18 am
and one of the arguments he had made of trying to defend why he wanted to work with the president and come up with the "grand bargain" was that, you know what? it's going to be a heavy lift, whether it's a small deal or a big deal. so you might as well go big. is that the lesson from last night? speaker boehner ought to go back with you and the president and go get the big deal again? >> well i don't want to give speaker boehner any advice. i will tell you this. for what it's worth, maybe i sound like pollyanna, i don't know, but i really do think speaker boehner wants to do something great for our country. i really do. and i think he's one of those folks that candidly would be willing to lose his speakership over doing something great for the country. i believe that, and i think there are a lot of people around here that realize that you know, this is really an opportune time to do something great. nobody wants to default, chuck, and i've got to believe -- as a matter of fact, i more than have to believe, i know that these guys have to have some sort of
9:19 am
short-term extension in the event we don't quite get there by tuesday, but one thing i do hope is that the american people, you know, stop worrying. i really do think that we're going to get something done. i'm here in the middle of it, listening to both sides, and i think -- we're not going to default as a country. that's, in my opinion, that is not -- not something that's going to happen. >> well, let's talk about the big sticking point between the reid and boehner bill. there's a lot of similarities. everybody brings up the similarities, bit the one big difference is this so-called trigger and this idea of a second vote on the debt ceiling. let's just talk about that a second. >> okay. >> considering everything we've seen this week on a vote on any debt ceiling, do you want to go through this in six months? >> well, i mean, i would love to see us -- and i've been sort of urging this with my own caucus. i would love to see us go ahead and achieve all the savings we can get right now. again, i'd like, of course to
9:20 am
push it towards $4 trillion which is what the markets have kind of said we need to do, but i do agree with the fact that, you know, having these debates in the middle of an economic downturn that we're having right now is not healthy, and there's no question that business people, those people that hire employees across our country watch this and become uncertain. so, in a perfect world, and i know we're not in a perfect world. >> right. >> bit if we can get word out over the next several days something that actually achieves all those on the front end and extends the debt limit beyond this next election, to me that would be a perfect solution and i hope we can do that, and there's still a lot to play out. i know people -- you know, it's kind of like, chuck, your kids. you know, when do they start their term paper? at midnight the night before. >> i know. you guys are killing us. >> it seems like it's close, but there's still, i think, a little play here and hopefully we'll come up with a great, great solution for our country. and -- and i think that's where
9:21 am
we're headed. i really do. >> it does sound like you verbalized a compromise that you and senator conrad are, frankly, pretty close. maybe a few more spending cuts up front. some sort of binding trigger on the next round of cuts in six months, but decouples it from the debt ceiling. that could find 60 votes. some form, obviously, details are details, but that's probably the compromise we're looking at? >> well, i don't know what the trigger might say. you have to be really careful. i do want to correct senator conrad. there's actually three bipartisan proposals and actually what i proposed would save $5 trillion, it has democrats and republicans not just in the senate but also in the house. the fact is that, you know, we're about -- i think we're close to do something great for our country. i apologize to the american people for watching this. it's really messy, frustrating for all of us. chuck, all i would like to say is i urge people to still be
9:22 am
calm. i have faith that we're going to do something that will work for our country. i really do. >> all right. senator bob corker, republican from tennessee. nice to see you this morning. going to be a long weekend. >> thank you. >> all right. a reminder -- president obama will be making a statement on the status of the debt ceiling negotiations at 10:20 a.m. a little developing news with the past few minutes. we'll bring you that live. not expecting to make news, nor comment on the situation. in a minute-by-minute, we'll get a preview of the markets and how they're reacting. a trivia question, since popular vote u.s. senate elections were uniformly introduced nearly 100 years ago. which two stateser voted for a republican presidential nominee? we'll get the answer and more coming up on "the daily rundown."
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well, i'm on pins and needles about this. 's in a few minutes the opening bell rings on wall street. which means a market preview. becky quick, cnbc. okay. how are they going to react to this? >> drum roll. we've been talking how the market has been so confident a deal will get done, baked into stock prices. welling today some of that confidence is disappears. in a few minutes the stock market open and the dow is down by a few digits. gold is where they run. up another $11 to a record high. you can see at this point nerves are beginning to get a little raw here. particularly on a friday when we thought we might have seen a deal that came through yesterday, particularly when we realized we headed into a weekend and who knows what's coming out of washington. >> right. >> i did get one guy to give me some odds on this.
9:27 am
sean eagans of the credit rating agency. he finally agreed he thinks there's still a 72% chance of turmoil in the markets and a lot of chaos. >> by the way, normally what would be the big news today on the markets has to do with the official growth numbers. gdp numbers from the first and second quarter, both kind of -- >> yeah. pretty rotten, and if you were thinking, ah, this is great growth, great economy. not so. you're not seeing negative number, but growth of 1.3% was lousy. revisions for the last quarter were lousy and that has people worried as well. so, shake it off. get ready for this. we're in for rocky trading today. >> shake it off. stagnation is all i ever wanted. becky quick, cnbc headquarters. ally. see you monday. if we survive. >> bye, chuck. clandestine meetings, secret megs sent back and forth. no, it's not the sausage on capitol hill. we're talking spy games with my
9:28 am
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wow, i'm blown away. you look great. summer sale, save up to 30%. and get a free kindle. be smart. book smart. developing now, president obama will deliver a statement on the status of the debt ceiling talks at 10:20 a.m. at the white house. don't expect a lot of news, per se, out of that. more of a call and a plea for action on compromise. all eyes are on speaker john boehner and the house. will they vote on a new version of his debt bill today? time may be running out, because the senate won't wait forever to act. if the house passes the bill the senate will take up right away, most likely table it. talk for killing it, still sitting on a shelf gathering dust and able to be pulled off
9:32 am
at any time. how long will they wait for a bill to kill before acting on their own? that's the question of the day. all eyes on mr. mcconnell. of course, wall street is watching too. the opening bell has just rung. investors waiting for progress on the debt talks in hopes it may break the market's string ever losses. you already heard, it's going to drop big. open in a triple digit drop. yes, those are the smurfs. somehow they got a movie now. i don't get it. other headlines, an army soldier in custody. the same army post the scene of that deadly terrorist shooting in 2009. texas police arrested private first class jason abdo yesterday founding explosives. he wanted out of the service bay he's a muslim plotted the attack saying he wanted to "get even with the military for fighting in iraq and afghanistan."
9:33 am
new jersey governor chris christie left the hospital last night after being treated briefly for asthma. the governor says he experienced shortness of breath and lied headedness. it didn't take long for the question of a president's run to come up, of course. let's listen. >> if i decided i want to run for president, i think you know me, charlie, i'd do it, and if there were people who don't think i'm up to it, they ought not vote for me, but we're not at that stage at the moment, so i don't have to worry about it. >> every time i hear him talk about this campaign i swear it sounds like he's looking for a way to run. not a way to not run. hamlet, move over. in a prime example of art imitating life, a spy novelist. major shifts in his story. the product, a riveting and very relevant new book called portrait of a spy. the author, here again. daniel silva. first of all, congratulations.
9:34 am
"wall street journal" best-seller. number one. >> number one. >> it will catch up. >> they don't count as well as our financial guys at the "wall street journal"? right? they know numbers a little better, but you love sort of writing on the headlines, on the news. you have shifted essentially from -- from russia to the arab spring. what motivated this? >> well, i set out to write a book that sort of took stock of where we are in the war on terrorism ten years after 9/11. and i wanted to look at, with the threat itself, and also just the impact that the war on tear her on the american people, on our intelligence services, but a funny thing happened on the way to that book. the earth shifted underneath my feet. so about halfway through the writing process, the arab world finally awakened from this long slumber and i really just knew that the events were too momentous to ignore and to germane to what i waswriting
9:35 am
about and i incorporated it into the story, and then bin laden happened and fortunately the book hadn't gone to the printer yet and the rest of the world was talking about it, i had to sit and rewrite passages of the book to make it up to date. >> i don't want to give it away. the mastermind on this one in the book is an american-born cleric -- >> looks like so and so -- might be somebody. >> yeah. using yemen as a backdrop in some of this. walk me through a little bit of sort of, is it about the arab spring in the turmoil, you're potentially projecting in this book? >> because how this turns out is going to have a tremendous impact, nome t only on the arab world but the rest of the whole world. a wonderful line in the second "jurassic park" movie the character played by jeff bloom
9:36 am
says it starts with ooh and ah. we've had the running and screaming in syria, libya and elsewhere. we don't know what comes next. there's been a lot of talk that the arab spring never was or that it's already over. i'm not willing to give up on it yet. if we can help them get it right, if we can help the arab spring decent governments to places lie egypt and syria, i believe we'll have a long-term security implications for the united states. that the threat of terrorism my recede, if on the other hand, islamic extremists come to power in places like egypt or syria or yemen, or jordan, we could have is a very tough road ahead of us. >> one thing i've been dying to ask about. when we found the proprofile, bg a novelist and you have a spy hunter hero in this. the real guy who we found out was the bin laden hunter wasn't
9:37 am
somebody running around the world, tracking things. sitting in langley figures this out. more of a total analyst type of guy. >> there were guys in the field, though, doing really dangerous -- >> no doubt. running -- >> running agents, collecting information. >> that's right. so it's feeding this guy. you know, how much -- you get to know some of these guys. so tell us what is it, the difference between sort of what these analyst guys that sit there and figure this out and put the puzzle together versus the guys on the field? >> the analysts in many cases are academics and ph.d.s, and they master their field. they're know more about ukraine or belarussia. it's highly mitarized. >> also highly educated.
9:38 am
like they're looking for both -- looking for the smartest people in the world and at the same time the strongest people in the world? >> no question. the special forces soldier is a unique person. i'm not cut out for it. i don't know about you. you have a kind of a special forces look. >> not so much. we'll find out in 50 years. >> the israelis, i write about two services. israelis and americans working to together. they tend to recruit very different. >> "portrait of a spy," congratulations on the "wall street journal." we expect toe get the -- >> we reached a tentative agreement. >> do we know who's going to play the hero for a movie? >> i well, i think we're trying to get you to be on the screen. >> oh, come on now. >> no? >> i'm not available. maybe -- come on -- >> we have to get a script and a story first, and then we'll go looking for the right person.
9:39 am
>> okay. daniel silva, thank you. see you soon. the mudslinging. the presidential candidate, getting comfortable criticizing each other. we'll brang down the changing dynamic on the trail. that all happened this week while all of us were in the middle of this debt crisis. the white house soup of the day. i got something new for you. chilled spicy cucumber. that's a great friday, when you walk outside and can cut the debt ceiling fog with a knife, you need a good, cold soup. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. [ male announcer ] members of the american postal workers union
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process along. my door is open. i'll listen to a we're going right to the floor of the u.s. senate. sna majority leader harry reid. >> -- time is presently short and that is an understatement. too much is at stake to waste one more minute. the last train is leaving the station, and this is our last chance to avoid default.
9:43 am
a vote on this compromise will determine whether we default or not. a vote for the senate compromise will be a vote on the financial obligations of this great nation to pay their bills. i would ask my friends, my republican friends, break away from this thing going on in the house of representatives. that they're vote was 4:30, 6:30, 10:30 and finally quit. rumors flying around, rumors flying around. the "wall street journal" said they put too much money in for programs. take that out. they need a balanced budget -- rumors. the speaker seen in my office. he didn't come. all of these rumors, mr. president, te make no sense, and the scariest thing is late last night leader cantor said from the house, he said, you have three choices. boehner, cut, cap and balance or default. that's a second ranking member
9:44 am
in the republican leadership that said that. we need to honor the financial obligations we have as a country. so a vote against the compromise that i've talked about, a list of compromises, mr. president, no revenue. congressional budget office more than $2.4 trillion which would take us to -- not probably. take us through march of 2013, which can do the country's business. there's a joint committee that will be set up to see if we can do some good work on a more long-term approach and get back to work in doing our country's business. i repeat. cbo, omb, has scored our bill more than $2.4 trillion. not billion. trillion dollars. it's dollar for dollar as the
9:45 am
speaker said he wants to reduce the debt. so a vote against this compromise will about vote to default on the full faith and credit of the united states. i repeat, everyone with the sound of my voice, we have the framework of a bill. we're going to change it. i have some ideas we need to change and i'm going to discuss them with the republican leader. if anyone has any other idea, come to me. but the time has come to make a decision. the time factors are very clear. why am i filing tonight on my bill? why? there's no more time. i have to do a time. would i like to wait until tomorrow and see if there's some good that comes from the republican side? of course i would. i would suggest to my friends on the other side the aisle, this is a big deal. they've gotten everything they want and should put these chips in their pockets and walk away and declare victory.
9:46 am
there's no time to left on another bill or consider another option here in the senate. this is our last best chance to preserve the character and credit of our great nation. >> our leader yield for a question? >> my friend from new york. >> i thank our leader. and leader has outlined it well. the house through all of the machinations, delays, struggles, is pursuing a path to nowhere, because they're bill will not pass and become law. >> well, you heard senator harry reid laying out. he's going to move forward with his bill now. they had not made a decision how they would go forward in the united states senate. whether they would take whatever boehner and the house handed them and amend it, or would they go it alone with reid. you heard senator schumer here yesterday who said that they were still keeping it as an option. and what senator harry reid just said, he's starting the clock.
9:47 am
let's get the panel in here. jennifer from "the washington post," reed wilson and mike viqueira. explain the clock with what harry reid started today? >> he has to bring up his bill. hasn't start it, starting a clock lasts three days. take us well into the weekend. >> doing it today. voted maybe sunday night? >> right, by moving this bill. he hasn't technically moved it. depending on the road blocks put up. everybody looks to objecting to unanimous consent and not get unanimous consent. his bill isn't going to pass. >> some essence will be agreed upon at some point. >> all they'll have, behind the scene, go through a lengthy floor process? i have a hard time imagining that happening. >> before i move on to the house, explain if -- if boehner doesn't pass his bill today, can that speed up the clock in the senate?
9:48 am
does then reid -- >> no. because they were going to use mumbo jumbo, rigmarole and take a bill, take boehner's bill, stick it on something else and more or less symbolically vote down boehner's bill. doesn't do anything procedural. >> jennifer, a game of leverage. right? boehner can get his bill through republicans and mcconnell would have more leverage going into the final days in the final negotiations and if they don't it's suddenly reid and the white house that have the leverage. what's going on? you've been talking to a lot of membership -- >> they do not. this is not an effort to make it seem it was really tough. they did not have the votes last night. >> not last night, what about this morning? >> as of this morning, no, and we're not even sure what the speaker is going to tell his conference. they're having a meeting today at 10:00. there's discussion they would try to tweak the bill adding in in some fashion the balanced budget amendment, remember,
9:49 am
they've already voted on. >> that's a nuclear bomb now. >> exactly. could go to the senate, any democrat over in, maybe they could, as one aide put it, put a soft link in the bill, a sense of the house they would vote on it once more, but it's hard to think these people who have gone out on a limb would be satisfied with this sort of stuff. se i think they have to prevail on members to sleep overnight and rethink this and try to do it one more time. >> all right. reed, you've spent a lot of time getting to know the members of leadership. john mccain said this was -- he said, john boehner's speakership might be on the line. certainly a crucial test. is it, though? i mean, this is cantor -- they were linked arms. this is not a case where we think behind the scenes cantor's winking and nodding. none of that business was going on here. >> this is not a cantor versus boehner system. a lot of this, by the way, is cantor whipping himself.
9:50 am
kevin mccarthy whipping as much as he can. the problem, though, is this undermines john boehner's credibility in terms of -- in t how much he can -- >> is it boehner's credibility, doesn't it undermine the entire leadership? >> it does. when was the last time you had to have a speaker rely so much on their younger members to actually pass a bill. >> his name is on the bill. his name is on the bill. it's not like he's trying to push something else. his name is on the bill. >> it's amazing. his leadership never loses by one or two, they've always got an arrow in their back or a qui quiver in their back pocket that they can throw. they don't have it available after all the reforms they've gone through. they can lose, what, 23 republicans without a single -- >> 24. >> they can lose 24 republicans. when you're talking about 240 in the house gop conference, you're talking about bedrock, rock solidness, just not getting any traction. >> all right. hang here a minute, jennifer
9:51 am
rubin, reed wilson, mike viqueira, we'll talk about this and everything else going on after the break. trivia, which senate elections were uniformly introduced 100 years ago, which two states have never voted for a republican presidential candidate or a republican for u.s. senate in the same election cycle? the answer? a lot of you got hawaii, not many of you got arkansas. we'll be right back. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. well-being. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life. it's schwab at your fingertips wherever, whenever you want.
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9:54 am
the republican plan's not a solution. as experts say all too soon we would be back in the midst of partisan wrangling with our economy once again held prisoner by extremists in the party, republican party, led by the tea party. >> that was just moments ago on the floor of the united states senate, harry reid announcing he's going to bring his bill, start the clock sometime today. he hasn't officially done it.
9:55 am
a member of the republican leadership john cornyn has already responded on twitter to harry reid's statement, he said, did harry reid just say it was his bill or default? that's irresponsible. a little bit of the finger-pointing and name calling. we're now actually going to go back to the senate floor. mitch mcconnell speaking now. the man who may hold the key to finishing this deal. >> the treasury said we'll be in a default situation, and the president of the united states is rolling out new mileage standards today. how about this? how about a plan from democrats in washington that can pass both chambers, prevent the crisis, and protect americans from a worsening economy? i would suggest to my friends on the other side this morning, they start taking their responsibilities as a majority party a little more seriously. because at this point, the only people who are disregarding the consequences of default are senate democrats, not the republicans in the house, but senate democrats. republicans have been doing the hard work of governing this week. it's about time our democratic
9:56 am
friends joined us. mr. president, i yield the floor. >> president? mr. president? >> majority leader. >> i really appreciate my friend's statement. i haven't been here at all, but i certainly heard -- >> all right, that was mitch mcconnell responding a little b bit. very quickly, let's go back to the panel, jennifer rubin, how's this end today? >> i think you're going to have a vote in the house at some point, what it looks like, we're not sure, and then we'll have the two tracks, what does harry reid do, what does mitch mcconnell do, and they'll have to finish it by monday. >> beautifuffalo springfield sa something is happening here, but we're not quite sure. >> shameless plugs? >> mariners' legend for years and years passed away this week at the age of 67. huge, huge deal in seattle. >> 11 years on the hill, the other day was a dream. 80 producers talent, 30 cameras,
9:57 am
taking the hill, inside congress, 7:00 sunday night. >> you have to see this. very fast, jennifer. >> "washington post" plug -- >> good for you. that's the way to do it. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." what a friday, what a week. have a great weekend. by the way, stay with us all day, all day tomorrow. we're all over this. and don't miss brian williams' hourlong "dateline" special on nbc, "inside congress" quite a week to do it. coming up next on msnbc, chris jansing who will have continuing coverage of all of this and the president's statement at 10:20 on the debt screeli inceiling a 1:00, don't miss "andrea mitchell reports." i'm always looking out for small ways to be more healthy.
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